E-book Version of End-Time Fire is Now Ignited

This is just a short note to let you know that the e-book version of The Book of End-Time Fire is now available. Please click on the link below to reach the page on Lulu where you can purchase a copy. Notice the cover is different from the print version so you won't get confused!... Continue Reading →

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Unleashing the End-Time Fire

When I wrote my last book, The Book of End-time Wine, the Spirit showed me that the cleansing of the Temple by Jesus in the gospels is connected to the end-time visit of the Lord to His people described in Malachi 3, where He comes as a Refiner's fire coupled with the washing of the... Continue Reading →

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The Changing of the Guard

Greetings, precious saints of God,   I recently had the privilege of speaking at a prophetic conference in South Africa, aimed at releasing the messengers of Endtime fire. The Word says that He makes His messengers flames of fire. Those who have read my Book of Endtime Fire will understand the depth of this concept... Continue Reading →

Wrapped and Ready to Roll

We have discussed in detail the role of the camp of Judah as forerunners and fire-starters in leading the people of God forward. Today, I want to look at the very detailed preparations for the packing up and the moving of the tabernacle in the wilderness. We find all God's instructions for this process in... Continue Reading →

The Assayer

Since releasing the word on the cleansing of His mouth, the Lord has been dealing with me in minute detail, leaving no stone unturned so that I may be able to say of the enemy, "He has nothing in me". Today, I am not writing to you concerning some deep revelation or lofty vision but... Continue Reading →

The Cleansing of His Mouth

Last Friday, a friend of mine had a massive dental operation. She had been feeling unwell for some years but could not pinpoint the underlying cause and then finally a specialist dentist discovered that the root canals of her crown teeth had been leaking lead into her whole system. Her jaw was infected and the... Continue Reading →

The Release of the Remnant

  This morning, 1st July, as I was worshiping, I received the words of a poem which refers to the release of His hidden remnant. When a harvest of grain has been brought in, most of it is stored for food. A small remnant is kept or reserved for the next sowing. The farmer does... Continue Reading →

The Fire-Starters ~ pt 5

Did you know that lightning doesn't only strike from the sky to earth, but also horizontally, within the clouds? Essentially, this paints a prophetic picture of those who dwell in heavenly places triggering revelation in one another, as they also participate together in releasing light and power from the heavenly realm into the earthly arena.... Continue Reading →

The Fire-Starters ~pt 4

I would like to continue in the theme of the release of the seed; a corporate company of messengers who are flames of fire and recommend that you have read the other 3 parts of this series before reading this one. I feel a bit like the first part of what I have to share... Continue Reading →

The Firestarters ~ pt 3

As I mentioned in part 1 and 2 of this series, the sperm carries the DNA of the Father, His sound and revelation truth needed to conceive or trigger the formation in the earth of God's end-time plans. Those who have a rudimentary knowledge of genetics from their school days will understand that when the... Continue Reading →

the Fire-Starters ~ pt 2

For God so loved the world that He sent His only-begotten Son... and now it is the same fiery jealous love that causes God to send His corporate company of sons; messengers of fire released and coming suddenly into view all over the earth, bringing a shaking that, in the final outcome, reveals the things... Continue Reading →

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