Word of the Lord, Feast of Trumpets 5778


I received this word from the Lord as Hurricane Maria is still barreling across the Caribbean Islands:

“I am coming to judge the prophets who have led My people astray with their lies and just as you have seen houses fall under the force of mighty winds in past days, so too will I decimate their houses and their followings, and leave not one stone upon another because they have followed their own counsel and profited from My people and spoken words which have not come from My mouth. They have spoken of sunshine and roses when there are dark days coming that men will find hard to bear and hard to survive. I can no longer allow them to poison My people with their divinations and fallacies. I will remove them from their stations and expose the foundations of all they have spoken and all will realise that they have spoken lies in My name, speaking when I have not spoken and going when I have not sent them. The time has come to separate the sheep from the goats and to do this, I will deal first with the goat leaders who run after their own imaginations and heed not My word of counsel toward holiness. Was not the roof of the prime minister’s house removed first before all the other rooves began to be removed in Dominica? So too will I decimate all built by those who have led My people into error and laziness and left them totally unprepared for the day that is upon them. I will not spare and I will not relent until those who walk after their own imaginations and those who elevate themselves when I have not raised them up are silenced.

 I will cleanse my house of all those that cause her to emit an unclear sound. I will remove all the dead flesh from the shofar of My church. I will cleanse and I will purge and I will spit out all who are an offense in My nostrils, for much time has been given to repent and to return to My ways and to cast aside idols of silver and gold and the doctrines and imaginations of men, but My people have preferred the pillow prophets who lull them to sleep on the brink of battle. They have loved those who say, “it will be well with you” when they wallow in their sin and defilement. So now I will sift and I will shut the mouths of those who know not Me or My voice or My ways. I will remove them from the midst of My people and they shall no longer be heard spouting their idle fallacies. I will remove their power sources and their platforms of influence shall fall and men will no longer seek after their words, nor shall they be known as My spokesmen any longer.

 And after this, when all the dust has settled and the whirlwind has died down, it shall be clear who has truly built on the Rock and who is fit to be a shelter in the day of trouble, for many houses will be ruined in that day and many voices silenced, but My true servants shall stand unshaken and unmoved, one in a field and two in a neighborhood street, and many shall run to their light, to seek the counsel of those who truly know their God. But first the purging must come, first My whirlwind must come and separate the false from the true. First My sword of judgment must swing, for My people know not who are the tares and who are the wheat amongst My prophets. I will deal with the cacophony of mixed sound that parades as My voice. I will unclutter the platform and remove overnight those who are out of harmony with the pitch of Heaven – for I will not have corruption parading as holiness in this day. I will make fools of the diviners who follow their own counsels and I will turn the wisdom of the so-called wise backwards, but I will confirm the words of My servants and perform the counsel of My messengers. I will separate light and darkness within the ranks of My mixed multitude and it shall be clear who really serves Me and who does not. Do not fear but walk in the fear of the lord and seek My shelter in these days for vain is the shelter of the words of mere men. Vain are their grandiose claims and foolish are their plans and they shall not stand in the day of My stormy judgments. I shake so that what cannot be shaken remains. I uncover so that you may truly see what is hidden within. I expose so that you may know to turn away and to return to the Lover of your souls. Vain is the help of man. Vain is the strength of man and the puffed up words of man, but I, the Lord of Hosts am an everlasting refuge.”

The Scripture reference given was the whole of chapter 13 of Ezekiel.


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