Pearls Bring out the Swine

pig in suit

During worship last weekend, I saw a hand, which I recognized to be the hand of the Lord, cast pearls all over the earth. They were lying in the mud. In the next scene, I saw Him running and joyfully gathering them up and setting them in place in a giant crown, as He held it up high. I somehow knew that these pearls were those He considered very precious, ones who had been formed and shaped in most vexing and abrasive circumstances, which the Lord had ordained for their refinement. I asked the Lord why He had cast his pearls to the ground, when He admonished his disciples not to cast their pearls before swine (Matt 7:6). And He answered, “So that the swine can be seen for who they are.” Then I saw pigs dressed in suits and smart clothing. They had masks on and were blending in with the crowd, but the casting of the pearls before them sent them into some kind of feeding frenzy and they cast aside their masks and began trampling the pearls and one another in an effort to devour the pearls. The scene was very disturbing to watch.

Then I asked the Lord, “Why am I seeing this? Are you showing me something that is past or future?” and He replied, “Both. There are those who have already been cast and trampled and you are to encourage them that the time of being lifted up and set in place as part of My crown is at the door. There are others who have allowed Me to form them into the most beautiful pearls, using their adverse circumstances. This has been a hidden work, even as a pearl is formed away from the eyes of man. But now is coming the season of revealing and this word is to strengthen them for the trampling that is certain upon their unveiling – because nothing brings out the hidden swine like the revealing of a true pearl.

Tell them to hold fast during this bombardment, for it comes because that which is of great darkness hates the beauty of Christ in them. Tell them it is only for a short season in order to reveal the hidden swine and that a gathering up and setting in place follows. Let this be a word which both warns and strengthens them. They are not appointed a season of further refining, for the work is done. No rather, they are being used as my instruments of separation to reveal the difference between the true and the false. This is a position of honor in My sight and not a degradation, as the enemy would have them believe. It is necessary to separate the tares from the wheat, that the tares may be cast in the fire. Remember how my very presence provoked a passionate hatred in the Pharisees, despite My having done no wrong. The contents of men’s hearts are revealed by the My presence before them. There are some who masquerade as My servants, who mingle in and mask their true parentage. But I will now use My pearls to rip their masks away – and it will be the beauty of the work I have done in My true servants’ hearts that will trigger that feeding frenzy. Let My precious ones hold onto the vision you share; that they are appointed a specific place and setting in My crown and I am coming to gather them to this place. They shall not be robbed of this appointment, no matter what words men use to trample them.”

As He was speaking, I saw again those swine as they set eyes upon the pearls before them. It seemed that it caused them to lose all self-control in the way they behaved and as they tore off their masks and fell upon the pearls, it caused the other people that had been part of the crowd to draw away from them in horror at the way they were behaving. This resulted in a complete separation of the swine from the rest of the crowd, whom I now understand represent believers. Before the swine had blended in and been hidden in the folds of the Body, but the casting of the pearls had precipitated a very quick sifting and separation within the Body, due to the swine’s behavior. And I understood that the pearls were playing a part in the fulfillment of Heaven’s express intention to expose those whom the enemy had sown as secret agents among the ranks of Believers.

When the Lord showed me the scene of Him setting the pearls in place in the giant crown, I knew that this depicted His Bride, because Proverbs that a virtuous woman is the crown of her husband, and He has often used the imagery of a crown to show me things about the Bride. However, this time, when I saw the crown, I kept hearing the word ‘glitteringly’. So I finally looked it up in the Word (I always read the Amplified Bible) and there it was, in connection with a crown being lifted up:

Zec 9:16  And the Lord their God will save them on that day as the flock of His people, for they shall be as the [precious] jewels of a crown, lifted high over and shining glitteringly upon His land.

The word for ‘crown’ used in this verse is nezer, which also means ‘consecrate, separate’. Other verses which allude to the Bride being a crown are:

Son 3:11  Go forth, O you daughters of Zion, and gaze upon King Solomon wearing the crown with which his mother [Bathsheba] crowned him on the day of his wedding, on the day of his gladness of heart.

 Isa 62:3  You shall also be [so beautiful and prosperous as to be thought of as] a crown of glory and honor in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem [exceedingly beautiful] in the hand of your God.



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  1. This is fantastic & timely. Thank you. It really does encourage me.
    I have gone through this personally & when I enquired desperately of the Lord about it he basically said I’d been throwing pearls before swine & added that they are vile people. They accused me of everything that they were doing to me but God told me to not do anything about it even though it would have been easy to prove my innocence & their guilt. He showed me that this has been allowed to show not only me who they are but to reveal to THEM who they are. As it was no longer able to be hidden.
    It’s been very adverse & humiliating as well but this speaks to my heart as it not only confirms what God has been speaking to me but adds another facet that I wasn’t sure about.. God bless you.
    I have always been accused of other people’s sin. I’m pretty sick of it coz I’ve got my own to deal with let alone anybody else’s.
    But praise God now I know it’s because God considers me a pearl.
    There are a lot of people around who think they are pearls but are actually swine. Especially those masquerading in the body of Christ.


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