Roundup of Revelation in May

The Lord has been sharing a number of things with me during this month of May and I felt that although I don’t yet have full understanding on all aspects of these revelations yet, I should still share what I have, so that others can pray into the topics. We all see in part and perhaps someone else has relevant puzzle pieces. The different topics below are not necessarily related.


Dreams During May

On the 12th May, I had a short dream in the 3rd watch of the night that I was reading a headline which stated in huge white capital letters that Obama has been shot. These words were printed on a black background with multiple small orange patches, which were blurred as if out of focus; they could have been flames or orange lights. I surfaced briefly after the dream, confused as, if any leader had been shot, I would have expected it would be Trump, because of all the opposition he gets from the elite.


The day before I had this dream, I had the dream about many deaths in Israel (which I shared in a previous post). Concerning that event, the Lord had said, ‘the head must be struck, that the heart may be turned toward Him’ concerning Tel Aviv being struck. I have been wondering since the dream of the shooting headline, whether this shooting of Obama represented another facet of the same thing? Although Trump is officially the head of the USA government, Obama is still lurking in the background and fully intends to regain his position. Many people still believe he should still be president. Would the shooting of Obama occur in order to ‘strike the head’, or leader, in order to turn the heart of the nation of USA toward Him? I am not sure.


2 days later, I read that someone had had a dream that Trump resigned and Obama took over and then was revealed as the antichrist. This made me wonder whether this reference to him being shot is connected to one of the heads of the beast who survives a deadly head wound. The headline I read did not indicate whether Obama survived the shooting, but was rather the first news of such an event…


Rev 13:3  And one of his heads seemed to have a deadly wound. But his death stroke was healed; and the whole earth went after the beast in amazement and admiration.


Then, on the 27th May, I dreamed I saw someone who looked very like Jesus walking in white long garment along the seashore. It was a bright sunny day and the wind was blowing his garment. The path seemed to be along the seashore because I could see the waves, but it was built up with pavement, roads etc, so perhaps this was happening in a city right next to the sea. Then a black masked figure appeared in front of my line of vision and shot at him, just as he walked behind a bus shelter. The bullet passed through the bus shelter as he walked behind it and there was obviously no possibility that he would not be struck by it, but he just reappeared and carried on walking on the other side, completely unaffected. Then a whole crowd of people followed him wherever he walked. The group were in straight lines, like an army marching, but in civilian clothes. I do not remember seeing any women in that crowd, but there may have been. As I watched them walking, I was reminded of Jesus saying, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men” as He walked the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Then this man suddenly appeared at the side of the marching group and touched one bearded man on the arm to get his attention. The whole group turned to face him with their backs to the sea as he spoke to the man. Whatever he said to the man seemed to impress them because they then followed this man that looked like Jesus at right angles to their previous path, as he was leading them all away from the seashore.


As I have prayed about it, this dream seems to be about the antichrist, a man who appears to be just like Jesus; a ‘savior’ of sorts. He supernaturally survives a murder attempt and because of this, many people begin following him. It is almost as if an army has assembled behind him, even though I did not see him calling for one. I do not know what was said to the bearded man in the middle of the ranks, but it served to make the crowd of people follow him at right angles from their previous direction, without question. In fact, the whole bunch seemed to be a bit like robots, they did not speak, but just followed, which seems to indicate a mesmerizing power which this man had over them. Him touching the man’s arm speaks of applying the personal touch in some way, and this so affected the group of people that they did not question him leading them in another direction and away from the original assignment. Because of my thought of people being made fishers of men, I am wondering if these people do not represent those in the Church system who are deceived by the antichrist, because he appears in a way just like Jesus, and they follow Him without question, even when the path deviates from what the real purposes of the gospel is, which is to make disciples.


Is this dream of a shooting perhaps connected to my dream of reading the headline that Obama had been shot? I know many people believe they have been shown that Obama will be revealed as the antichrist at the appointed time, but I am not sure of this myself and am asking the Lord to give further clarification concerning these dreams.



Kilauea Volcano Erupting in Hawaii

The volcano currently erupting on Hawaii was shown to me like the center of a clock face, with the Ring of Fire being the perimeter of the clock. As the volcano continued to spew lava, the clock hands were racing around the clock, triggering the points on the Ring of Fire. It looked like an alarm clock and the clock hands which flew around the face seemed to be somehow building up a storehouse of destructive power on each of the points in the Ring of Fire which it passed, and they all began to glow red. This whole clock face with the spewing volcano at its center, which was driving the fast-forwarding of time, was like an alarm clock going off for the world.


As I have watched the situation in Hawaii over the past few weeks, I have been shocked at the attitude of the people living in that area. Instead of having understanding of the times and preparing to leave in haste, while they still have opportunity to gather necessary items and move away freely, people have been taking selfies with the lava, playing golf while the volcano belches in the background, and I must mention the latest idiotic question to authorities about the safety of toasting marshmallows over the hot lava! They seem to be waiting for the authorities to tell them when to leave. All these actions speak volumes to me prophetically of the general state of preparedness and awareness, firstly in the Church and then in the world,  for what is coming worldwide. It is as if people are deaf and blind and continue to do life as usual, even when the air is full of toxic fumes and lava is creeping down their driveways. There have also been warnings issued of a whole piece of the eastern part of Hawaii potentially breaking off and falling into the sea, due to the massive seismic activity on the island. This section of land has already begun to shift and this event would cause cataclysmic tidal waves along the whole west coast of California and parts of South America. Yet, life goes on as usual in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and Hawaii’s troubles are considered something totally disconnected to California.


An alarm clock going off incessantly usually indicates that the time for sleeping is past and urgent action is required in order for one to be in place, on time. This time of relative peace and calm is a period of grace for preparation under the direction of the Holy Spirit. We are under the government of Heaven and should not be looking to the governments of earth to indicate to us when it is no longer safe to remain in our current locations, be they spiritual or physical. For those of you praying and watching, use this time of calm (even with clouds of black smoke on the horizon) to complete any preparations the Lord has shown you for the new season you are moving into. Seek further revelation and clarity on details that you don’t fully understand. Don’t waste your time ‘playing golf’ in these days. Shed excess weight and baggage both spiritually and in any other areas the Spirit shows you. We need to travel light in the days ahead. Deal with any remaining unforgiveness or bitterness in your heart and walk in Love. As far as possible, as it depends on you, live at peace with all men.


The Royal Wedding

The recent royal wedding was watched by millions round the globe and this is probably the first time the wedding list featured the who’s who of Hollywood and the entertainment world. Articles have been written on the prophetic Bridal symbolism seen in Megan Markle’s dress and the fact that a commoner of mixed parentage was marrying a prince. At face value, these observations appear valid and the Reverend Michael Curry’s exuberant sermon on the fiery power of love left the royal family shaken up and the rest of the world cheering. I don’t think such an enthusiastic sermon has ever been preached within those walls!


However, afterwards, I was left with a nagging feeling concerning this sermon and decided to do a bit of research on the minister and the Episcopal Church of which he is head in USA. What I found was disturbing. In January 2016, Archbishops of the worldwide Anglican Communion voted to suspend the entire U.S. Episcopal Church over its embrace of same-sex marriage. Reverend Curry (who preached at the royal wedding) said this concerning the decision, and I quote: “For fellow disciples of Jesus in our church who are gay or lesbian, this will bring more pain. For many who have felt and been rejected by the church because of who they are, for many who have felt and been rejected by families and communities, our church opening itself in love was a sign of hope,” Curry said. “And this will add pain on top of pain.”


On top of this stance, the Episcopalian Church decided to move even further from the plumbline of Truth clearly stated in the Word of God, when, on February 1st, 2018, the Diocese in Washington, D.C., passed a resolution to stop using masculine pronouns for God in future updates to its Book of Common Prayer. Delegates also passed a resolution without debate or discussion to include “transgender people” in all aspects of congregational life.


Now, Beloved, it becomes more clear just what brand of fiery love Reverend Curry was speaking about in his passionate sermon – the all-inclusive kind which does not require so-called followers of Jesus to adhere to any form of moral standard set out in the very Bible they claim to embrace. In fact, many sectors of the so-called church are now fashioning a god in their own image and dancing around it. In truth, Christians, following the teachings of Jesus Christ, have prayed to God as “Our Father” from the very beginning. “Father” is the only way Jesus ever referred to God, and the only way He taught His followers to do so. Yet now we are in a ‘new’ age where anything in the Word of God that challenges our lifestyles and erroneous belief systems can now be altered to make reading the Scriptures more palatable to a generation that takes what God Himself calls ‘an abomination’ and instead, calls it ‘normal gender identity’.


What a heartbreaking state of disarray sectors of the so-called “Jesus-following” community have brought themselves to. And this recent sermon at the royal wedding serves as a strong reminder that the enemy has ratcheted up His version of the counterfeit several notches, so that only careful research and in-depth study of the Word of God bring to light the spirit actually empowering those passionate words. Let us all be cognisant of the warning that the one who appears like an angel of light is shining more brightly than before.

2Co 11:14  And did not Satan marvellously transform himself into an angel of light? 2Co 11:15  It is not a great thing, then, if also his ministers transform themselves as ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.


In light of this knowledge, I found the Kingdom Gospel Choir’s breaking into their rendition of ‘This little light of mine’ as the newly married couple stood on the steps outside the church, rather interesting. The song was emanating from the building after the bride who was widely purported to be a depiction of the Bride of Christ had left the premises. May I suggest to you that when the counterfeit Bride comes into full view on the arm of her groom (who is not the Bridegroom we are waiting for) and is being hailed and applauded by the waiting crowds, the true Church of Jesus Christ, who are part of the building that God is building, will be letting their lights shine, out of view of the camera. Separation will have occurred between the true and the false, the tares and the wheat, and it will be the unseen, the nameless, faceless ones who will be working the works of their Father in the midst of an unseeing, deceived generation.


So, in conclusion, I believe there was much mixture depicted at the royal wedding, the true alongside the counterfeit; the genuine alongside the masquerade. It is a lesson to look deeply and listen carefully before sharing a message from a scene that is before one’s eyes. This is nowhere more important than in today’s prophetic circles. Misinterpretation results in muddy water for the thirsty and misrepresentation of Heaven’s intended message, if indeed God intended there to be one gleaned at all.


May the Lord give us all increased discernment in the days of increasing darkness in which we walk, and may we be found watching and praying always. And, lastly, let your light shine! Beloved.



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  1. Thank you! I did not watch the wedding because the whole thing seemed false and fake. It was impossible to avoid all of it and I did see a small bit of the “sermon”. My first impression was how odd he “acted”. It seemed unnatural. The words sounded right but felt wrong. And I am reminded that we will KNOW the TRUTH when we hear it. It seemed, for some reason, blasphemous. I even mentioned to my husband that it was “off”. Just not right. Jesus has an aura that is peaceful. This minister had a showboat appearance and I still feel it is a reflection of what will come. Now is not the time to be accepting people just the way they are. If GOD did not say it, then don’t say it. If Jesus condemned it, do not accept it!


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