E-book Version of End-Time Fire is Now Ignited

This is just a short note to let you know that the e-book version of The Book of End-Time Fire is now available. Please click on the link below to reach the page on Lulu where you can purchase a copy. Notice the cover is different from the print version so you won't get confused!... Continue Reading →

Off With His Head!

I so love the way the Holy Spirit brings words from the past to remembrance. This morning, I received a prophetic word forwarded from a friend which spoke into the difference between the prophecies of the butler and the baker. immediately the Spirit reminded me of an article I had sent out in August 2007.... Continue Reading →

Unleashing the End-Time Fire

When I wrote my last book, The Book of End-time Wine, the Spirit showed me that the cleansing of the Temple by Jesus in the gospels is connected to the end-time visit of the Lord to His people described in Malachi 3, where He comes as a Refiner's fire coupled with the washing of the... Continue Reading →

Removing the Static

In my last message I shared about how I struggled to hear through the static in the spiritual atmosphere, but finally could see and hear the sound of the wind of the Spirit approaching. Since then, the Lord has been showing me what this static partly consists of and how to clear it away. I... Continue Reading →

Ignited for Flight

This morning as I was sitting quietly before Him, the Lord said to me, "Listen, daughter" and I could hear nothing but noise pollution, a kind of static. He urged me to listen more deeply and as he said this, I saw a dark grey atmosphere and peering deeply into it, I finally saw shards... Continue Reading →

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