An Unveiling, a Filling and a Flame ~ Perspectives from Hanukkah part 2

Something very interesting occurred in Israel the week before Hanukkah and the Lord began to show me prophetic parallels in it for this Hanukkah season. A seven year old girl, Hadas, and her mother Ayelet Goldberg – Keidar went for a walk in the historic Beit Shean Valley. They were climbing the mounds near Kibbutz... Continue Reading →

From Maidenhood to Bridehood ~ Perspectives from Hanukkah

We are on the brink of Hanukkah 5778, which, depending on whether you go by the rabbinic calendar or watch for the sighting of the new moon from Jerusalem to mark the new month, begins on the evening of the 12th or 13th December respectively. Hanukkah is also called the Festival of Lights or Feast... Continue Reading →

Let the Candlestick be Rekindled

Beloved, I want to share with you an amazing prophetic picture encapsulated in the feast of Hanukkah, which is celebrated by the Jewish people from the 25th Kislev to 2nd Tevet, which in 2017 begins on the evening of the 12th December. Although this feast is not numbered amongst the feasts mentioned in the Old... Continue Reading →

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