A Path Through the Darkness

  On 26th August, during worship, I saw a pathway surrounded by intense darkness. It was visible because the way was lit with paper bags holding candles all along its edges. As I followed the path, suddenly I came round the corner into an area which was flooded with light. Before me was a chuppah... Continue Reading →

Moving the Ark and Carrying out Appointed Judgments

Hidden within the folds of an ancient story (found in I Samuel 2-7) lies a prophetic parallel of what we see unfolding on the stage in this very day amongst those who declare themselves the people of God. This week, I was arrested by verses in Psalm 78, which spoke of Phineas’ widow who died... Continue Reading →

When One Part Suffers…

Beloved, I was so moved this morning as I read of the new wave of suffering hitting our brothers and sisters in China. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own situations, our own problems, our own challenges, that we forget that we are part of ONE BODY and that when one part suffers,... Continue Reading →

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