My name is Christine Beadsworth

Where am I? I live in Somerset West, South Africa with my husband (who loves to cook), a black freerange bunny called Samuel who squeezes under the gate daily and comes for a cuddle…. and a large, freerange, gorgeous, grumpy cat called Mossy who lets me stroke him (sometimes…if he is having a benevolent day) and waits for milk every morning outside the front door. My spare room currently houses my daughter (back from her 10 year foray into foreign lands) and her Argentinian husband. Our house is busy, noisy, full of music, food and lots and lots of love. We are a compact cameo of the Body of Christ, all unique, bearing our own individual giftings and understandings of what it means to love and serve the King of Kings – and one another; all learning, sometimes failing, always pressing on to know Him and represent Him to each other… and after that, to a needy world.

Who am I? I am a dreamer foremost, a passionate lover of Jesus and, at various inspired moments, I am also an artist, gardener, poet and speaker. I have written since the time I could hold a pencil, and since 2006, have been publishing articles under the Lord’s direction, using the ‘Fresh Oil Releases’ banner. I have always had a passion for the preparation of the Bride of Christ.



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