GIVE ME BACK MY WIFE ~ Lion of Judah, Son of God

Give Me Back My Wife ~ Lion of Judah, Son of God

REVIEW ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I bought three copies to give away to those who I know hunger for the truth of the word. Caution, if you want your ears tickled or want to just play church don’t buy this book. However if you truly desire to discover the deeper meaning for your very existence which is to be set apart for the lover of your soul, Jesus, then wait no longer buy it now; you will be glad you did and you will never be the same. Thank you my dear sister Christine for laying down your life so that His light could shine through you and his life be lived in and through you. Truly Amazing!” Cindy Glinski (Jun 1st ’17)

Many things have competed for the attention of the Beloved of the Lord. Religion is ever waving its tentacles, trying to detain her. The Spirit of this age assaults her defenses with ever increasing ferocity. At times, it has seemed like her attention has been completely captured by inferior suitors. Now, God’s patience is exhausted. And many can hear His Roar reverberating in the heavenlies. And it is not the sound of an approaching storm front… although it may be accompanied by one, both in the natural and spiritual realm! It’s a demand, a shout of ownership that cannot be silenced. It is not a request, nor a gentle suggestion. It is the righteous demand of the Conqueror; the Lion of Judah Bridegroom King; Who comes to claim the one who is rightfully His. He doesn’t beat around the bush or employ diplomatic negotiating strategies! The Bridegroom WILL have what He purchased with the Bridal Price of His precious Blood! And so, with a bone-rattling, earth-shattering roar, He bellows: “GIVE ME BACK MY WIFE!”

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Beauty Treatments For the Bride

Beauty Treatments for the BrideThe Holy Spirit is searching out and preparing a Bride for the Son. Drawing on the types hidden in the lives of Old Testament saints, Christine sheds understanding on the Holy Spirit’s ancient beauty treatments producing a Bride without spot or wrinkle. Be encouraged as you discover that the difficulties you face are actually God’s time-tested recipes ensuring that you are part of His radiant Bride Company. Many who have been receiving His secret salon-treatments for years, are about to step into the light and be revealed as His jewels!

E-Book $3.99

Daily Beauty Treatments for the Bride ~ a One Year Devotional

DBT for Bride new front cover 2017It has never been more important for the Bride of Christ to get herself ready and make the necessary changes and preparations to ensure that she is not taken by surprise when she hears the sound of the shofar announcing her Bridegroom’s imminent arrival. In a world that grows increasingly dark with each passing day, we cannot look to the world for wisdom in making life-changing decisions. We must seek the face of Him Who is Wisdom and learn daily by the light of the seven lamps before the throne. This One Year Devotional deals with heart issues and the role of the Bride of Christ as the light of the world in an hour in which she is desperately needed to stand up and be all God intended her to be.


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Give Me a Heart of Mercy ~ a book of Poems

Give Me a Heart of Mercy, Lord  - A Book of PoemsA collection of conversations between me and God; sometimes just a whisper and sometimes a shout, but always an ongoing conversation between two hearts entwined, as the Beloved journeys further into the revelation of Who she is betrothed to.

E-Book $2.99




Parable of the Ring ~ journey of a living stone

This parable is about a living stone trying to find its place and purpose in life and the heights and depths of that journey, before coming to a place of rest, the dwelling place of Grace. May you be encouraged as you continue your journey!

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