The Barley Firstfruits is Ripe

green valley

These days of awe have been a time rich in revelation and outpouring of understanding. During the night of 13th September 2018, I heard an instruction, “go back to 20th March 2015.” I realized as I surfaced that it was approximately 3&1/2 years ago. I felt the Spirit emphasize that I must check my journals as to what the Lord had promised then. Then I heard the word ‘deferred’. Defer meansput off (an action or event) to a later time; postpone. In Law, (of a judge) postpone (a sentence) so that the circumstances or conduct of the defendant can be further assessed’.

I discovered, upon investigation, that there was a total solar eclipse at dawn at the North Pole on 20th March 2015. That evening, at 6pm, the civil new year began the month of Aviv or Nisan. Two weeks later on April 4, 2015, there was a total lunar eclipse at Passover, the 3rd of a tetrad. Suddenly I realized that the close succession of this Solar and Lunar Eclipse could be a possible fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy that the Sun will be darkened and the Moon turned to blood before the great and terrible Day of the Lord (See Joel 2:30-31). These two signs in the heavens in 2015 were warning of the coming of the day of the Lord. In my journal on the 20th March, I had recorded the scripture in which the watchman of Isaiah 21:12 says: “the morning comes, but also the night.” In other words, for some the long dark night is almost over, but for others, terrible darkness is just beginning to fall.  Also, amazingly, the solar eclipse was 3 Hebrew years and 6 months before RH 5779. The Lord was directing me to this period of 42 months, 3&1/2 years. 1260 days from 13th Sept takes us to 2nd April 2015, two days before Passover began in the evening of the 4th. On this day in the Hebrew Calendar, the woman broke the alabaster box and anointed the head of Jesus at Bethany (Mark 14:3)

On that 21st March 2015, which was the 1st Nisan/Aviv 5776, I had noted in my journal that 7 orthodox Jewish children had burnt to death in a house fire in Brooklyn. I knew it was a significant prophetic sign because of the timing, but could not see fully what the Father was saying through this terrible tragedy. The children’s father, Gabriel Sassoon, called them 7 perfect lambs and said that the Lord was gathering His lilies, at their funeral. How profound. It is required that 7 lambs are offered as a burnt offering in the temple on the 1st Nisan/Aviv, the very day the children died. The angel Gabriel is the messenger used by God to announce a new season in God’s plan for the earth, just as the signs in the sky at that time announced a new season approaching. In Song of Songs, we hear that the Lord goes to gather lilies:

Son 6:2  [She replied] My beloved has gone down to his garden, to the beds of spices, to feed in the gardens and to gather lilies.

This describes the examining and gathering of His lily trumpets in order to position and arrange them in His palace. These lilies are a remnant company snatched from among the rest of the garden and brought near to His bosom. At the beginning of Aviv 5776, the process of choosing the lilies and the perfect lambs began. He was looking for those who are willing to be fully surrendered as an offering and a pleasing odor to the Lord. The number seven speaks of the season of completion, the full number being brought in. Now, looking back at those 3&1/2 years, they have been some of the most difficult that many have gone through as we have pressed on in holiness and surrender to His purposes. I do not know for certain if they represent the final 3&1/2 years of preparation before the 7 years, the times of Jacob’s trouble begins, but certainly, they have been the 3 and a half watches of a very dark night for many who really love the Lord. Halfway through the morning watch, the light begins to increase and the approaching dawn can be discerned. The night of trial indeed is almost at an end. Yet, on the world front, the darkness is steadily encroaching.

When the word ‘deferred’ was spoken connected with this time period, I believe it represents a period of grace for completion of the work needed in the remnant company. Both judgments and potential rewards and promised recompense were deferred in order to complete the preparation of the Lord’s holy vessels. He wants them to be fully ready for the Day of the Lord.

On the night of 13th Sept 2018, after hearing the instruction about 2015, I then surfaced and saw a vision of a bare rocky mountainside with sheep following the shepherd as he led them step by step and then they were led down to very green valley, surrounded by mountains and the Lord said,”I am leading My little flock of sheep to safety.

I had recently watched a Ray van der Laan video of what a green pasture looks like in Middle-eastern understanding. It consisted of a bare rocky hillside with almost invisible little shoots of grass growing next to rocks, but one could not see any green from a distance. An observer would consider it a barren dry stony piece of territory (much like the territory we have traversed in the last 3&1/2 years). Yet the shepherd led the sheep slowly over the hillside and they found mouthfuls of grass as they went. Please watch this short clip before you continue, in order to be on the same page with me as we go on.


 This ‘green pasture’ shown in the clip is exactly what the mountain looked like in my vision. He has led us these 3&1/2 years step by step, mouthful by mouthful of revelation, to this juncture. But now something is going to change. For that little band of sheep, the next chapter is about the emerald green valley, surrounded by mountains

 The word in psalm 23 for ‘still’ waters is ‘menuchah’. So the green valley is depicting ‘menuchah’. It meansrepose, peacefully; figuratively consolation (specifically matrimony); an abode, comfortable, ease, quiet, rest (-ing place), still’. The same word is used in this verse:

Num 10:33 They departed from the mountain of the Lord [Mount Sinai] three days’ journey; and the ark of the covenant of the Lord went before them during the three days’ journey to seek out a resting-place for them (menuchah)

Beloved, you have been on a 3 day journey to menuchah. God has been seeking and preparing a resting place, an abode, a planting place for each of us during the last 3 years. It is a place of matrimony! That 3-day journey as described above has been through dry, stony territory, but we have lacked no good thing. He has fed us with the words of His mouth and we have lain down in green pastures. The 3 &1/2 years from Aviv 2015 have been in order to bring us to maturity, to prepare and equip us for the time and the appointment ahead.

Psa 32:18  My people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, in safe dwellings, and in quiet resting-places. MENUCHAH

When I looked at that green field in the vision, I could just see the other side of those protecting mountains, at the edge of my field of vision. There was war and bloodshed and brother attacking brother and much chaos. Somehow I could ‘see’ the sound waves of the great noise of what was happening. Yet the green field seemed far removed from the tumult. The sun was shining down brightly and all was quiet and peaceful. The light actually sparkled and it seemed worlds away from the chaos on the other side of the ring of mountains. So, if we continue in psalm 23 past the green pastures and the paths of righteousness, we come to the valley of the shadow of death. This is depicted by the green valley I saw, that’s where the table is spread for us. We need fear no evil. Death and mayhem is happening right next to us, but we are unharmed (as psalm 91 describes). We are in the presence of our enemies, but we are feasting and being anointed with the oil of joy because we are the Bride with the Bridegroom. The death and mayhem is happening on the other side of the mountains (representing the Lord surrounding us) He has led us down to this place and we are safe. The shadow may fall over the valley but the shadow is not the experience or the actuality, the shadow is next to the event and what is happening. The death and horror is not happening where the shadow is!! We can liken the shadow to hearing or reading news reports of the destruction happening. Know that it will not come near your tent.

Psa 32:18  My people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, in safe dwellings, and in quiet resting-places. MENUCHAH

That green valley is not only a place of dwelling and resting, but of planting! When I looked closely, I could see that the green is planted barley, growing where God has placed or sown each of His barley remnant. This is a spiritual planting of a handful of barley grain, a sowing of each barley seed in the place appointed. They are seed for the Sower and as they grow up, He surrounds them like mountains round Jerusalem to protect them where they are planted to provide bread to the eater. Geographically, they may be scattered all over the earth, but they are in the same spiritual field, under God’s encircling protection during the days ahead.

 Psa 125:2  As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about His people from this time forth and forever.

 The Spirit also spoke the word “Tel Aviv” that night. Aviv is the state of barley which is ready for the first fruits offering, first-ripe ears of barley.  He continued, “I have my own Tel Aviv, my own hill of first-ripe barley. I have my first-fruits company, My wave offering. They stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of readiness for reaping for they have yielded to the ministrations of My wind and My rain and they have soaked in the light of the Sun of Righteousness. These are the ones that are My jewels. No leaven is in them. I will gather them by My own hand and wave them as a trophy and an offering before My Father. They are the first of the fruit of the travail of My soul and because of these, I rest satisfied. These are the seed which I will sow; these are those which shall become unleavened bread to the eater.” I asked Him, “Is this the seed that grew to make the bright green field in the vision?” YES!

I had previously had a dream in May 2018, where the Lord had said He was going to strike Tel Aviv and I asked, “How does this connect to Your spiritual Tel Aviv?”

He answered, “I will strike the natural Tel Aviv and I will reap the spiritual Tel Aviv. Remember when My spirit left the temple and resided on the mount of Olives for 3&1/2 years, saying ‘return to Me’ and then it lifted and the temple was destroyed?” “Yes, Lord,” I answered. Well, so it shall be with my firstfruits company, who reside on the Mount of Olives. They have been in the place of perpetual pressing and my Spirit comes to clothe them anew and abide strong within them. They are the voice that shall cry these 3&1/2 years for My people to return to Me and then I will bring them home. I release a baptism of fire upon them and announce that a new day has come, the Day of the Lord. Dense darkness is even now settling upon the earth and soon no-one will be able to see their hand in front of their face. It is a 3 day darkness, a 3 watches of the dark night, when the enemy thinks he has the upper hand, but I will wake and I will shake and I will sound and resound through my fiery torch company. My roar shall be heard in them and My roar opens prison doors and blind eyes and many shall be released from the prisons of their own understanding.”

I asked Him, “Lord, will the striking of the natural Tel Aviv and the reaping of the spiritual one be the same time. How will we know?” He said, ”First the natural, then the spiritual. That is My pattern and that is My mercy. I will strike the head to turn the heart. I will reap my firstfruits barley company to turn the heart of the rest of the harvest”.

Why is the Lord using the name Tel Aviv to describe His remnant? The first part of Tel Aviv is the noun תל (tel), which denotes the kind of ruinous mount that arises from multiple destructions and subsequent coverings over and rebuilding of the destroyed site. Beloved, does this describe your life? The pain, destruction and having to start all over again on the ruins and efforts of previous generations. Well, you are a ‘tel’ and the Word promises that you will raise up the devastations of many generations.

The second part of the name Tel aviv comes from the noun אביב (‘abib) meaning barley or ears of barley. In fact, you are a tel aviv,  ripe and eady for harvest.

Barley is harvested at Passover. The First Fruits wave offering on the first day after the weekly Sabbath during the Feast of Unleavened Bread requires the barley to be ‘aviv’, which is a Hebrew term referring to a level of maturity of the barley harvest. Aviv barley is the stage 2 weeks before picking. To test if the barley is aviv, take barley is put in the fire, and when the flames singe that barley, if the barley is not aviv, all of the seed heads will just be vaporized – there will be nothing left.  But, if you put it in the fire and then it leeches out all of the moisture and you can actually take that grain and grind it, then the barley is ‘aviv’. What an amazing prophetic picture. Beloved, you are ready to be part of the firstfruits barley offering when the fire no longer diminishes or harms you but only has the effect of hardening you to difficulties and preparing you to be a part of the firstfruits wave offering – and to become food for the eater!

The ripening of the corn/barley represents the readying of the remnant, and the ‘not ready’ spiritual condition of the remnant, precipitates a ‘leap month’ occurring in the spirit. In the Hebrew calendar, Adar II is an extra month added to give time for the barley to ripen. It occurs for only one reason, the presentation of the corn on the Feast day of First Fruit can only occur after the grain is ready. In other words, the spiritual fulfillment of the High Holy days will wait until the LORD’s remnant are ready. We are all longing to experience the spiritual fulfillment of Tabernacles, when the manifest presence of God is in the midst of His people, and yet, despite many prophetic words spoken over recent years, it is yet to be fulfilled. So perhaps what was to have occurred round Passover 2015 was ‘deferred’ due to the lack of ripeness or readiness of the remnant company.

Now we have come to the end of that 3&1/2 years and much change is ahead. The books of our lives have been examined during the days of awe and decrees made over us for the year ahead. We are His firstfruits company, ready for harvest. We are not our own. From the womb of the morning are coming those who have offered themselves willingly:

Psa 110:3  Your people will offer themselves willingly in the day of Your power, in the beauty of holiness and in holy array out of the womb of the morning; to You [will spring forth] Your young men, who are as the dew.

The Day of the Lord is the day of His power. A season unlike any other is fast unfurling and the firstfruits barley offering are going to play a significant role. I was so aware that this field of green barley was intended to give nourishment to those who needed it. Then this scripture was brought to mind:

Mat 24:45  Who then is the faithful and wise servant whom his Lord has set over His household, to give to them the food in season? Mat 24:46  Blessed is that servant whom his Lord shall find so doing when He comes. Mat 24:47  Truly I say to you, He will set him over all His substance. 

Bar is the Aramaic word for son, in the sense of an heir, as opposed to the Hebrew ‘ben’, which is a son in the sense of building a family. So the barley remnant are the sons of God, the wave offering. Bar, is in the one in charge of the household, the one who inherits, who has authority

Isa 22:20  And in that day it shall be, even I will call to My servant Eliakim the son of Hilkiah. Isa 22:21  And I will clothe him with your robe and will fasten your sash on him. And I will give your authority into his hand. And he shall be a father to the ones living in Jerusalem and to the house of Judah. Isa 22:22  And the key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder, so that he opens, and no one shuts; and he shuts, and no one opens. 

The Hebrew word ‘bar’ (H1250) comes from H1305, ‘to clarify, examine, select, polish, purge, pure’. He has been examining us in these days of Awe. He is selecting His firstfruits barley company at this time and marking them in the field. He will pick them, choose them, harvest them as His firstfruits offering.

Bar has 2 Hebrew letters, beth and resh, meaning house and head, so bar speaks of a leader of a house, a position of authority in the household. Those who come to maturity first are the first of the firstfruits (Exod 34:26). These are the ones who will reign in the Tabernacles age to come.

The word bara – to create, is made from bar and ayin (an eye) which indicates seeing or manifestation. So the word bara literally speaks of the manifestation of the sons, not infants but those of mature age, the ripe bar-ley, who are ready to take over their Father’s business. The word Hebrew is Heber, which is spelled the same as bara except the ayin is at the beginning of the word, so ayin-bar, see the son, or a manifested son. A true Hebrew is a manifested son. God said ,”behold (see) My son, in whom I am well pleased.” He lifted up His firstfruits and displayed Him as a wave offering.

The barley company of remnant sons will offer the bread of His presence for a starved generation. Gideon dreamed of a barley cake rolling into the enemy camp. It had passed through the fire and came out unburned, like the 3 men in Babylon, seen with the fourth Man in the midst, thus this barley cake is carrying His presence, which is what causes the enemy to be destroyed. The barley cake that rolled down was the bread of the Presence. You roll down the hill into the valley to be planted in your position of authority, extending His scepter in the midst of His enemies.

 After I saw the vision of the sheep being led to the green valley, the same night, I had a dream of a man and myself seeing a fire started by a rowdy group on a rocky, sparsely treed mountainside and then fleeing to escape the spreading flames. I got to the edge of a cliff and considered sliding down, but it was way too steep and so I chose the tarred road even though it seemed a longer path. So I proceeded to slide down the steep tarred road with the man, on our bottoms, until we reached the valley and safety. The tar seemed to lift and move like a flexible ribbon as we slid down it, supporting and cushioning us, so we were not shaken up at all by the journey.

This dream depicts the journey of the sheep down to the green valley. It was triggered by fire breaking out on the hillside and necessitated quick action. (Remember fire doesn’t harm the barley firstfruits in the aviv state!) The word for ‘tar’ means ‘redemption price’ and refers to the bridal price paid by our Bridegroom at Calvary. This is also depicted by the communion meal and indicates that this little remnant flock of sheep need to break bread daily in order to be protected in the steep descent to the valley of protection. Just as the ark covered in tar protected Noah from the flood, so too the redemption/bridal price ensures your protection during unfolding judgments.

Note also that the journey down is by the seat of your pants!! To ‘fly by seat of your pants’ means ‘use your instincts to tell you what to do in new or difficult situation, rather than following a plan or relying upon equipment’. I believe we will receive fresh and deeper revelation of the power of partaking in this prophetic communion meal during this season directly ahead.

Isa 48:6  You have heard [these things foretold], now you see this fulfillment. And will you not bear witness to it? I show you specified new things from this time forth, even hidden things [kept in reserve] which you have not known. Isa 48:7  They are created now [called into being by the prophetic word], and not long ago; and before today you have never heard of them, lest you should say, Behold, I knew them!

The Hebrew word translated ‘new things’ means ‘to be new; causatively to rebuild: – renew, repair’. We will be healed and renewed after the length of the journey as we break bread every day and receive the benefits bought by His broken body and Blood. It will be a quick work as we descend to the place appointed us.

The Passover barley firstfruits offering in Israel this year was taken from Ruhamah, which is prophetically significant. The name Ruhamah comes from the root-verb רחמ (raham), meaning to love deeply or to have mercy. The set time to favor Zion has come. The set time to show mercy to His remnant firstfruits company has come!! He loves you deeply and will keep you from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole earth.

The Lord gave me one more revelation of what of this green valley of planted barley will be like? It is connected to receiving our inheritance, our measured portion:

Psa 108:7  God has spoken in His holiness; I will rejoice; I will portion out Shechem; and I will measure out the valley of Succoth.

The word valley also means ‘deep, profound’. This is the place where you will be shown great and mighty things that you did not know. Here God will work profoundly through you. Succoth comes from the root ‘tabernacle’, which has a further root, meaning ‘to entwine as a screen; by implication to fence in, cover over, (figuratively) protect’. In this place, you will protected as the Lord’s presence tabernacles over you.

Isa 4:6  And there shall be a tabernacle for a shadow in the daytime from the heat, and for a place of refuge, and for a covert from storm and from rain. 

 Jacob came to Succoth after Peniel. The wrestling with God happens as you journey over the stone-covered hills, those green pastures where He feeds you mouthful by mouthful with revelation truth. Then comes the personal experience of Tabernacles for the barley firstfruits company. The Lord said, “Tell My remnant not to fear as I begin to lead them down. This is not the valley of trouble but the valley of Succoth I lead them to. This is not another cycle of trial, refining and tribulation but a leading into a place of protection, planting and provision. I will sow my remnant by My own hand. I will plant them surely and securely.  I will hedge them in and the light of My presence will overshadow them.”

Remember Solomon descended to Gihon in order to be anointed. There is an anointing appointed you. I saw the place where the oil was being poured from and the Lion of Judah was roaring over it. The sound waves of the roar were being encapsulated in the oil and as it saturated the understanding of the one being anointed, the roar was coming out of their mouths and out of their writing and all the Lord called them to do and the enemy was being scattered. The barley firstfruits company is going to rule with the roar of the Lion of Judah, surrounded and protected in the day of trouble. They will be hidden in the secret place of the Most High during the hour of trial that comes upon the whole earth, but ruling as His scepter extended in the midst of His enemies. their roar is going to set the captives free and open blind eyes and bring in the harvest and cause many to return to the Lover of their souls..


11 thoughts on “The Barley Firstfruits is Ripe

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  1. Wow! I’m stunned with how utterly profound this writing is! Strong meat in due season, deep calling deep! I’ve been struck deeply with Abba’s shalom and such incredible joy! I will pray over this and study for more understanding but oh my, oh my! Thank you so much.


  2. Greetings,

    This word is so on point and a confirmation for the 3 1/2 years trial that I have been in. This is encouragement for our souls.

    Father God, we are so blessed for the word and promises you have given us today. You alone knows the depth of the darkness we have been walking in and all we have suffered for the past few years. There’s not much strenght left on our bones to stand, but we do still because You are our Rock of Salvation. My heart is filled with a renewed hope and more fire for the road ahead. Please keep every single one of your little children and I pray that you may do a mighty work in our lives for Your glory alone. In Jesus name, amen!

    God bless and keep you sister Christine.


  3. So good, very confirming looking back seeing words giving to me dreams and understanding to help express what my journey and walk has been like, recently went through a “test” as a farmer in order to “obey the law” and the Lord in order to “legally operate the grain truck I’m driving” it’s a long story I’d love to share but would take a long email or conversation. It’s a Illinois cdl “test” Illinois upside down is “sion 1771” Hebrew strongs 1771 is “fisher” like a fisher of men, I have been working on my fathers farm for 9 years but my license was not “proper” long story I had to be obedient to God and face my fears and after much wrestling I “passed my test” and am not “in the harvest” much more could be said, I knew it was about “growing into maturity” and “destiny” not fearing the grasshoppers and learning to “walk in authority” many years ago I was told in prayer “fullness of shechem” I understand the well and Israel “choosing whom they will serve” and “the woman at the well” is this the last day “harvest” that the “woman” brings in? I appreciate any thoughts or understanding you have. Was also shown in a dream being on a fire truck and going to a house that looked fine, people came out and a young boy with his parents, firemen were on both side of me and we were on the sidewalk leading up to the house, I heard the words “find your roar” very profound considering your article and words. Thanks for your time.


    1. Hi Michael. Glad you passed the test and are ready to ‘take over your Father’s business’ of fishing men.! Sounds like the manchild being escorted by angels out of the house of Religion where the fire of God’s judgment is falling. FInd your roar speaks to me of finding the metron where you are appointed to function and then allowing the Lion of Judah to roar through you.


    2. Michael, Glad this blog resonates and encourages you 😉 Praise God for the courage, wisdom and understanding he is giving you! You have passed this season of testing!
      Thankful you can go forward and carry on your earthly father’s business (farming) and your Heavenly Father’s business (fishing).


  4. Dear Christine, this post is having a profound affect on me. I began reading it when I saw it in my inbox during my work day yesterday. Because I was at work (it was a very slow day), I was just skimming it and my eyes fell on your words about the lilies. I just stopped reading immediately and put it away knowing that I had to read this more slowly later….You see, that morning I was talking to the Lord about the purpose/meaning of the Lilies etched in the temple of God? I’m not sure exactly what I said or how I asked because I have terrible recall! Earlier this summer he showed me that my name, Suzanne, means “lily/trumpet”. He had also just recently told me that I was created to be an “encourager” so I went on to tell him I wanted to be his lily trumpet, trumpeting encouragement to those around me! Sometimes I think the things I say in my time with hime are silly but then he confirms it in a word like you posted! So I thank you precious Lord for this!

    Anyway, as I sat down early this morning after just sitting with him I finally took this word out again and started over…The Lord continued to confirm things to me….When you mentioned March 21st, it grabbed me. That is my day of birth! What is the Lord saying? Later I realized that March 21, 2015 I turned 50. I wonder if that has significance, being the number 50 does have significance in scripture. I continued reading on and the green pasture teaching was so profound to me too….I see how it applies to me. But even as I continued reading, in the back of my mind I kept hearing, is this word really for me Lord? Could you really be speaking to me too? I struggle a bit with doubt….

    Then I came to your words about “the bread of his presence” and that confirmed the scripture he led me to earlier this morning, Matthew 2:6 “And thou Bethlehem, in the land of Juda, art not the least among the princes of Juda: for out of thee shall come a Governor, that shall rule my people Israel”. For some reason, I looked up the name “Bethlehem” and saw that it meant “house of bread”…Christ is our house of bread is what I said to myself. It was very profound to me and confirmed your words further. This wasn’t all that he showed me today….please forgive me for the long post. I just have to share this because there isn’t anyone else I feel I can share it with!

    When you spoke about breaking bread daily with him….I KNEW he was speaking to me!!! Earlier this year, I was led to begin having “communion” with him alone. I even doubted what I was hearing then until he showed me through a profound encounter with an angel that first night I broke bread with him. It was amazing to say the least. However, I stopped this discipline of breaking bread because I felt that it was becoming a religious activity and I just don’t want that!! I want it to be real. I want to be done with all religious thinking! Now I know that I have to get back to that very precious time with Him, I just need him to show me when and ask him to give me the stamina to continue in it without it becoming more like an empty ritual.

    And before I finish this post, I also wanted to share that before I started this response, I was just sitting quietly on my front porch with my dog and a cup of coffee just thinking about all that the Lord was showing me here. My attention went to a project that I had not yet finished in my yard. I was in the middle of digging up and transplanting a row of 10 perennial bulbs that the previous owner had planted all along the front of my porch which is a low farmers porch style if you can picture it. I had only moved half of them and realized…wow, I am in the midst of digging up and transplanting Lilies!!! They are the common tiger lilies that are all over Cape Cod where I live. So awesome…I immediately related him doing just that within me and many others in the body of Christ…digging up and transplanting…so profound to me.

    So Christine, thank you so very much for your very in depth study and revelation. There is so much here and I really feel I need to continue to meditate and digest all that was said here. I honor you sister for your faithfulness in what the Lord has called you to do. I look forward to revelation and understanding in what he is calling me to do and be in His Kingdom. Many blessings upon you!

    Suzanne xo


    1. Hi Suzanne, it’s so great when the Lord connects the dots for us! The Hebrew word for lily trumpet is Shoshanah and is mentioned at the beginning of psalm 45, which is the wedding psalm. Awesome about transplanting the lilies. The Lord speaks much to me from my garden as well. I have very tall purple poppies grown from heritage seed and the common Flanders poppies which are about half as high. Last spring, my beds were full of purple poppies, head and shoulders above the others and the Lord spoke to me of the Bridal Company amongst the daughters. This year, only ONE purple poppy came up in spite of having sowed all the seed back into the bed. And there are many shorter red ones. The Spirit has been speaking of a further sifting having taken place among the Bridal Company and how many have fallen away, unable to keep on the narrow path or because of persecution etc. He brought to mind this verse:

      Son 6:8 There are sixty queens and eighty concubines, and virgins without number; Son 6:9 But my dove, my undefiled and perfect one, stands alone [above them all]; she is the only one of her mother, she is the choice one of her who bore her. The daughters saw her and called her blessed and happy, yes, the queens and the concubines, and they praised her.

      May He grant us grace to be faithful in the transplanting and glorify His Name through our laid-down lives!


  5. The two Tel-Aviv’s. Interesting. When God divorced Israel, he said it would be only for a very short time. He said he would lead her into the wilderness and then woo her back. Israel was divorced in 721BC, and then Ezekiel was sent to woo her back, in 593BC. Ezekiel was sent to the exiles at Tel-Abib.


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